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Sell your vehicles on a leading motor auction software platform

Our trustworthy, user-friendly, scalable online auction platform is sought by auto auctioneers all over the world.

Our program is famous for giving car auctioneers an easy-to-use, feature-rich, and user-friendly online auction platform.

Our software caters to auctioneers who wish to conduct pre-bidding, webcast, and timed online auctions alongside their standard sales. With options for submitting pre-bids before and during a webcast auction, as well as the ability to set maximum bids on timed auctions, our software simplifies the bidding process for your online bidders.

To increase the number of bidders who may participate in online bidding, traditional limitations of time and location must be removed. 

Online auctions run off your own website

Our automobile online auction platform offers auctioneers a wide range of online communication options with their bidders. Our software is compatible with all current browsers and devices, including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. The best part is that no app installation is required.

To make sure that your brand, not ours, is at the forefront of your online auctions, the software is styled in your brand’s colours and logos and sits immediately within your website.

Our technology requires less setup time and no initial investment. You may launch your first online antique auction in a matter of hours with our simple setup.

We also make use of clever filtering technology to guide bidders to the specific things they are looking for.

New Features!

Payment gateway options:  (Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal) 

AI chatbot: 24/7 Admin Support

Auction API : Our integrated suite enhances efficiency, reduces administrative workload, and ensures scalability by automating processes seamlessly across systems.

Lot videos: Specific lot videos of your featured content. 

Marketing Materials (images, GIFS, Videos).  Use for EDM, website and social media marketing. 

Invoicing Options: 

Use in system invoicing 

Export CSV for external invoicing

XERO invoicing compatibility module.

An engaging online environment for your bidders

Our software is robust and scalable, allowing you to list as many lots as you wish. With unlimited text descriptions, and infinite lot photos and videos, you have every opportunity to create an engaging online auction environment for your bidders.

Currency and language conversion options provide an easy-to-use system for international bidders.

The system is built to send out auto-outbid notifications to bidders each and every time they’re outbid. And our in-built invoicing.

Our marketing and technical support teams offer worldwide support for each and every auction to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. We can also arrange tailored marketing campaigns, website design and more.

Let’s organise a no-obligation online auction demo to see how we can help your auto business succeed online.

Online auction solutions for your business

🎥 Live Webcast Auctions

⏳ Timed Online Auctions

📈 Marketplace

👩‍💻 Remote Clerking option

✅ Everything you need & will run from your own website

🏷 White Label Auction Software – ‘value protect your bidders & IP’ ( Not a group site 🚫)

📲 So modern works on all devices without frustrating bidders to download apps

🧑‍💻 Includes Setup, Training & Local Ongoing Support

🧾 Auction invoicing & reporting

🖥 Websites & marketing

😊 Simple for bidders and powerful for auctioneers

So ready to get started?

The New Webtron 8.0AI Auction Software is here

Take advantage of a white-label auction solution that runs from your own website. Webtrons 8.0AI artificial intelligence auction software release has been designed for Motor auctioneers like you to take your online auction business to another level.

It’s ’Simple for bidders and powerful for auctioneers’.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your online auction software to Webtron’s 8.0AI newest auction software release. 

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation demo of our system 


What features should auctioneers look for in motor auction software?

Auctioneers should look for motor auction software that includes automated bidding processes, detailed reporting and analytics, and powerful marketing tools. Bidding management features should allow auctioneers to track and manage bids, set bid increments, and set reserve prices. Payment processing features should allow auctioneers to accept payment from buyers and issue invoices. Reporting features should allow auctioneers to generate reports on sales, bidders, and vehicles sold. Auction marketing tools should allow auctioneers to promote their auctions and reach a wider audience.

How can auctioneers ensure the accuracy of the vehicle information in their motor auction software?

Auctioneers can ensure the accuracy of the vehicle information in their motor auction software by implementing a system for verifying the information before it is entered into the software. This can include checking the vehicle identification number against a third-party database, verifying the make and model of the vehicle, and ensuring that the photos and descriptions match the vehicle’s condition. Auctioneers can also involve their staff in the verification process by training them to identify potential errors or discrepancies in the information provided by sellers.

What are the benefits of using motor auction software for auctioneers?

The benefits of using motor auction software for auctioneers include streamlined inventory management, automated bidding processes, detailed reporting and analytics, and powerful marketing tools. The software can help auctioneers save time and reduce errors by automating many of the manual tasks associated with auctions, such as creating lot numbers, tracking bids, and issuing invoices. Additionally, the software can provide real-time insights into bidder behaviour and vehicle performance, allowing auctioneers to make data-driven decisions and optimise their auctions for maximum profitability.

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